I was asked to design a logo for a user conference called “Keeping it Fresh.” Playing off the ‘fresh’ theme, I used green as the main colour, with faded water drop elements on the brush stroke, as well as including stylized leaf/sprout elements on the letter “f.” The use of a modified script for the word “fresh” – along with the brush stroke for the partial background – gives the logo a casual counterpoint to the otherwise formal look of the other words, symbolizing the casual atmosphere for the user conference.


invatron_siteAs 2012 wound down, Invatron decided to overhaul their website. Originally, a third party was contracted to perform the site redesign, and it was half-finished when I was asked to finish the job. I had to quickly learn how to work with WordPress CSS and templates (which the new site was built on). I re-did the front page, and reworked the other elements (such as drop down menus) to work with the new visuals.

Subway Series


Scratching an itch to create by doing little projects – this one was completely digital. I really should get myself a stylus someday – my mouse work is still a little shaky. Also wanted to practice rendering different textures – from skin to the leather jacket to the tiles on the subway station.

Real Steel


Inspired by the robot-smashing movie, I dug back into my childhood for two unlikely combatants – the robots from a couple of religious(!) cartoons. It was, more than anything, an excuse to revisit them and practice some digital coloring techniques.

Also, it would have been a helluva fun robot deathmatch.

clarityretailI was asked to design a site for one of the company’s side projects, ClarityRetail.com. I executed the logo design, and did the site graphics. For this project I ¬†worked with offsite developers, as the site was built with Ruby on Rails.